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Roush Engine 342RE

342RE - What do you get when you add Electronic Fuel Injection to a ROUSH 342RE, a powerhouse 5.0 Liter with the horsepower and torque of a stroked 342 cubic inch engine with the efficiency and drive-ability of today’s electronically controlled fuel injection vehicles. It comes complete with Throttle Body fuel injection utilizing Roush calibration, harness, computer and fuel pump making it a “Plug and Play” application.

Technical Specs

Engine Model:
342RE Electronic Throttle Body Fuel Injection
Horsepower (maximum): 450 HP est.
Torque (maximum): 420 ft.-lbs.
Displacement: 342 cu. in.
Dart Iron Eagle 4-bolt main Sportsman (Internally Balanced)
Crankshaft Type:
Forged 4340 Steel (Internally Balanced)
Bore and Stroke: 4.00” x 3.400”
Connecting Rod Type:
Forged 4340 Steel “H-beam”
Compression Ratio: 10:1
Wiseco Forged w/ Plasma Moly Rings & Lightweight Pins
Timing Chain: Double Roller
Camshaft Info: Roush Proprietary
Lifter Type: Hydraulic Roller
Cylinder Heads: Aluminum
Intake Runner Volume:
185 cc, fully CNC ported
Combustion Chamber Volume: 61 cc
Valve Sizes: 2.02” Intake 1.60” Exhaust
Rocker Arm Ratio: 1.6:1
Spark Plugs:
Autolite 3923 (or comparable)
Intake Manifold:
Multi-Port Injected High Performance w/ High Flow Fuel Rails

Fuel System:
Electronic Fuel Injection utilizing Roush Calibration High Output Fuel Pump w/ 1000CFM Throttle Body, Heated Oxygen Sensor w/ O2 Bung, TPS, IAT, ECT, MST, and Bar MAP Sensor and Mallory Hyfire Ignition.
Fuel Requirements:
Premium Unleaded (minimum)
Max. Recommended RPM: 6,250
Firing Order: 1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8
31 to 34 degrees @ 4,000 rpm (not to exceed 35)
Oil Pump: High Output - Adjustable
Oil Pan:
8 qt. Front Sump - Baffled or Dual-sump (Mustang) available *horsepower output can be reduced when engine is equipped with the Dual-sump pan
Oil Filter: Motorcraft FL1 (or comparable)
Oil Weight:
10w30 - non synthetic for first 3,000 miles
Steel, 157 tooth, (Balanced to 0 oz.)
Ford Motorsports Super High Torque (1.6kw)(or equivalent)
Water Pump:
Reverse-rotation is standard, standard rotation is available

Roush 342RE Dyno