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Shelby FE Aluminum Cylinders Heads

Shelby FE Aluminum Heads are cast from A-356 aluminum, heat treated to T-6 hardness level and precision CNC machined. pattered on Ford's famous 427 FE medium-raiser cast iron heads, Shelby FE offers leading edge air flow improvements, starting with standards 2.250- inch intake and 1.750-inch exhaust valve diameters. Due to valve size, heads are suitable only for Shelby 427 Alloy FE or factory 427 cast iron blocks. Heads utilize a 14mm diameter,3/4 -inch reach, gasketed spark plugs positioned in the stock location. they are sold in pairs, complete or bare. Bare heads come with ready-to-run valve seats, so you just add valve components and go. All Shelby heads are pressure checked.

Picture Aluminum Heads

Valve Components

Shelby can supply complete valve components for Shelby aluminum or factory cast iron FE heads. This includes one piece stainless steel valves with swirl polished heads and under cut stems. In addition, steel or titanium valve retainers and machined valve locks are available, along with valve springs to fit any custom valve train application.

Shelby 427 FE Single plane intake manifold

Picture Aluminum HeadsFor horsepower hotter than Carroll's famous chili, Shelby's 427 FE single plane intake delivers race track power in a 2000-7500 and higher rpm range. This aluminum manifold is ideal for drag or racing or any maximum horsepower application where hood clearance isn't an issue. This manifold fits Shelby FE Aluminum heads and factory 390/406/427/428 cast iron FE heads.

FE Distributor and ignition Components

Breakless electronic FE distributors for Shelby blocks and factory cast iron blocks are offered. Unlike rebuilt factory distributors, these new distributors housings offer superior distributor shaft support for accurate spark timing at over 6500rpm.Magnetic breakless control provides precise spark timings and are maintenance free. compatible electronic ignition systems capable of generating the hot spark mandatory for high performance are available. replacement distributor caps and rotors are also available.

Shelby FE oil pan

Also available is a cobra race oil pan with internal baffles designed to keep the oil pickup submerged in oil during hard cornering and braking. The pan is also equipped with a windage tray and scraper to minimize oil mist parasitic power loss created by the spinning crank. Dip stick tube is located on the front passenger side of the pan. Oil pan fits Shelby FE Alloy blocks and cast iron FE blocks.

Shelby FE Oil Pumps

Oil pumps are available in standard and high pressure or volume versions. They have a black phosphate coating to eliminate corrosion and a rigid cover plate precision machined for flatness in relation to the pump gears. Inlet and outlet port dimensions are increased for improved flow. A chrome oil pump drive shaft is also offered. Pumps fit Shelby and cast iron FE Blocks.

Shelby FE Aluminum Cylinder Head Technical Features

Bare heads  
Head Material A-356,T6 aluminum
Valve diameters 2.250-inch intake;1.750-inch exhaust.
Combustion chamber 82cc
Valve guides 0.375-inch inside diameter; manganese bronze material.
Exhaust port bolt 2bolts;vertical
Air flow, intake 280cfm@28-inch H2O 320cfm,with stage II porting
Air flow Exhaust 185cfm@28-inch H2O 235cfm,with stage II porting
Intake port volume 163cc
Exhaust port volume 128cc

Complete Heads include:

Valves Premium 1-piece stainless steel, swirl polished w/ undercut stems
Valve stem seal type Teflon, positive seal
Valve springs Dual springs with damper
Valve retainers Titanium
Valve locks 10-degree,machined


Shelby 427 FE Dual Plane Intake Manifold

Shelby's 427 FE Dual Plane Intake provides a superior breathing induction path for high performance street power. State of the art constant cross sectional area runner design boosts low and mid - range power, yet delivers breathing for top end power up to 6500 rpm thanks to its large volume plenum. Carburetor mounting pad is a square bore configuration and manifold is not equipped with an exhaust cross-over passage. This intake fits Shelby FE aluminum heads and 390/406/427/428 factory cast iron FE heads.

Shelby FE Remote Oil Filter Adapter

A billet aluminum remote oil filter adapter is threaded to accept 1/2-inch pipe fittings. this permits using A-N connectors and braided line to plumb a custom filter location in engine compartments.

Shelby FE Valve Coverts

Shelby FE die cast aluminum valve covers not only look great with the stylish CS logo and black crinkle finish, but they provide room for all valve train and rocker arm configurations. Besides Shelby FE heads and blocks, valve covers fit factory cast iron FE heads.

Shelby FE Engine Gaskets and Seals

Carroll Shelby Enterprises offers premium quality performance FE engine gaskets to fully complete an engine. The head gasket utilizes a pre-flattered steel wire ring for engine gasket selection covers Shelby FE and factory cast iron FE engines.

Shelby FE Starter

Small-diameter, light weight starter delivers more efficient cranking power, while providing additional header clearance room. In addition , the solenoid can be rotated for custom applications. Required on Shelby 427 FE Alloy blocks and fits factory cast iron FE blocks.

Shelby FE Alternator Brackets

Picture Shelby FE Alternator

Precision cut Shelby FE alternator brackets mount the stock lower passenger side position. Brackets are offered in black or polished finish.