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Shelby FE Competition Connecting Rods

For high rpm power levels, Shelby FE Competition Connecting Rods are available in H or I-beam cross section, for engine builders expressing a preference. The rods provide ultimate durability, rather than depending on decades old, remanufactured OE rod forgings. Rods are offered in standard 6.489-inch FE center-to-center length or custom lengths to fit stroker applications.

Every Shelby rod under goes Magnaflux inspection X-ray and sonic tests. Rods are balanced in matched sets and they are suitable for use in Shelby 427 Alloy FE and factory cast iron FE engines.

Additional rod design features include:

Shelby FE Competition Connecting Rod Technical Features

Rod material SAE4340 steel
Center-to center length 6.489-inch
Piston pin diameter 0.975-inch
Rod bolt diameter 0.375-inch inside diameter; manganese bronze material.
H-beam rod weight 7/16-inch;12-point ARP 2000 bolts

Shelby FE Forged Aluminum Pistons and Pistons Rings

Carroll Shelby Enterprises can supply custom forged pistons for any Shelby 427 Alloy FE or factory cast iron FE engine combination from street to extreme performance.

Forged high silicon aluminum alloy Shelby pistons permit tighter piston-to-wall clearance for better ring seal and maximum power.

Lighter pistons also mean reduced reciprocating weight which contribute to increased rpm and engine durability.

Pistons compression height can be customized to accommodate longer rods used in stroker combinations. Flat or dome top configurations can be specified, depending on compression ratio needs. pistons come standard with piston pins.

Complementing piston selection are premium gap-style piston rings utilizing a ductile iron top ring, which is also plasma-moly coated for superior sealing and heat resistance. Gapless-style rings are also offered.

Connecting Rod bearings

Premium tri-metal connecting rod bearings are available for FE cranks.

They have high-strength steel shells with bearings overlay material that withstands high bearing loads, generated in performance applications.

Shelby 427 FE Stainless Steel Rocker Arm Assemblies

Shelby's rocker arm assembly eliminates a traditional FE valve train weak link by providing a flex-free assembly for precise rocker arm geometry.

Roller tip equipped rocker arms are investment cast stainless steel, delivering a precise 1.76:1 ratio. Assemblies feature rifle drilled chrome moly steel shafts, supported by billet aluminum shaft supports and end stands. Shelby rocker Arm Assemblies utilize standard factory oil passages and do not require special push rods or machine work.

Besides Shelby FE aluminum heads,427 FE Stainless steel Rocker Arms are bolt-on replacements for factory 390/427/428 cast iron FE cylinder heads. Due to intake port location, rocker arm assemblies are not compatible with original factory 427 high-riser cast iron FE heads.

Shelby rocker arm assembly Design improvements include:

Shelby 427 FE Stainless Steel Rocker Arm Assembly Technical Features

Rocker Arm 17-4 investment cast stainless steel
Rocker arm ratio 1.761:1
Rocker fulcrum type Bronze bushing
Rocker shaft Chrome moly steel
End support material Billet aluminum

Shelby FE Camshafts and Lifters

Picture Shelby FE Camshafts and LiftersShelby can supply any hydraulic or solid lifter flat tappet or roller cam and lifters to meet your needs. Stay with a flat tappet cam, if your FE engine is a street driven restoration, or race sanctioning rules require it. Or opt for a roller cam which permits more aggressive opening and closing ramps that can deliver more power. No block machining is required for roller lifter installation. Cams fit Shelby FE alloy or factory cast iron FE Blocks. Cam bearings are also available.


Premium chrome moly,3/8-inch diameter pushrods are available.

These pushrods have the factory ball and cup ends, and are perfect for Shelby stainless or factory rocker assemblies. Stock lengths are available and custom lengths can be special ordered.

Shelby FE Double Roller Timing Chain Set

For optimum valve timing control, a premium timing chain set is essential. Shelby double roller timing chains utilize steel cam and crank sprockets.

The crank sprocket is multi-key which permits advancing or retarding valve timing events for optimum performance tuning.

Timing chain set fit Shelby alloy blocks and factory cast iron FE blocks.

Shelby FE Aluminum Timing Cover

Factory timing covers were plain-Jane looking die cast aluminum.

Dress up your FE with Shelby FE aluminum timing cover. The as-cast surface, with Carroll Shelby's polished logo dresses up any engine. Covers fit Shelby 427 Alloy FE block and factory cast iron blocks.

ShelbyFE Aluminum Water Pump

Picture Shelby FE Aluminum Water PumpShelby offers an aluminum water pump for 427 Alloy FE and cast iron FE Blocks. This pump is designed to deliver maximum flow and equal distribution between the cylinder banks. Other features include a CNC-machined cast iron impeller and heavy duty bearing and seal.

FE Engine Building and Dyno Services

If you purchase a Carroll Shelby 427 FE aluminum block, CSE technicians can professionally build the engine to your street or race specs. Besides assembly, Shelby technicians can break-in and fine tune your engine on one of their two Super Flow 901 dynos.

After receiving and installing your engine, you may literally only a turn of the key away from experiencing world famous Shelby FE performance. Engine assembly and dyno tuning is included when you purchase a complete Shelby engine. Call Michael LeFevers at Carroll Shelby Enterprises for details.