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1967 Cobra 427 S/C - Fastest of the Fast!

Listing No.: 50531

Model: 1965 Shelby CSX 3000

Price: Call For Price!

This 1967 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C (CSX3037) gives a rare opportunity to own one of 29 original 427 S/C’s. It’s the only one we know of that has come on the market in the last several years (*See below for more information on 427 S/C’s)

This Cobra has a detailed history. It starts with chassis CSX3037 being delivered to Shelby American unpainted, with a black interior, under work order #15095. It was finished and sold to Frontier Ford Sales in Niagara Falls, NY on June 30, 1966, painted in Ivy Green, with a retail price of $7,395 US. The dealer requested a new MSO from Shelby American identifying the car as a 1967 model. They subsequently sold it to the first owner, Jesse Paul Fox, in January of 1967, who used it sparingly. 

With under 4,000 miles on the odometer, 1967 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C CSX3037 was stored in a large warehouse that caught fire. Damage to the car was limited primarily to the quarter panels, with the doors, decklid, and hood intact. The fire did not get hot enough to burn the tires, but the Cobra required significant restoration.

In 1976 Colonel Loren Pearson bought the car from Jesse Fox and performed minor repairs to it. In 2016 a complete and sympathetic restoration began and was completed in 2020. According to the registry, it is a “highly-original” Shelby Cobra.

For clarification purposes, we’d like inform you that Brian Angliss, former owner of AC cars in the UK, claimed to have purchased CSX3037 in 2004. He did not. He did however construct a new car he fraudulently labeled as 3037. This replica was sold to William Fox (unrelated to Jesse) as a restoration project, which was completed by another shop in the UK in 1997. It is acknowledged as a reproduction. This Cobra, listed on our site, is the original CSX3037, and is owned by Colonel Pearson, as stated in the Shelby Registry.

Colonel Pearson’s history in the world of Shelby Cobras is well known in Cobra circles. He is a contemporary of Bob Bondurant, Dan Gurney, Phil Hill and other racing legends. He raced in both the US and Europe, with numerous podium finishes.

CSX3037 is finished in Guardsman Blue with Wimbledon White stripes. Having undergone a sympathetic restoration, the car retains its original character and configuration from its racing days. The original 427 side-oiler and toploader transmission are rebuilt and still in the car. Original components in need of an upgrade during restoration were replaced with parts sourced from the original manufacturers. Attention to detail is evident throughout the car. No expense was spared to maintain the originality. It’s like sitting in a time capsule. 

Only 29, 427 S/C Cobras were built. Here’s an opportunity to own one at a price that’s sure to appreciate. Call (817) 247-1981 for details.

Shown by appointment only.
Call us at (702) 785-0090 for price.

*In 1965, the 427 S/C “Semi-Competition” model became part of Carroll Shelby’s plans to build 100, 427 coil-spring Competition Cobras. These were to be homologated for FIA racing in Europe and for SCCA production racing in the US. At the time, Shelby had two years to sell all 100 Competition Models in order to qualify for the FIA’s stringent road racing rules in Europe.

When the FIA showed up at Shelby American in April of 1965, only 51 cars had been produced, far short of the 100 required and FIA homologation was withheld. However, the SCCA showed some leniency by allowing homologation based on one prototype, along with Carroll’s assurance he would build 100 of them.

The 427 S/C enjoyed success in the US, culminated by Dick Smith’s campaign of the 1967 Cobra 427 S/C CSX3035 in which Dick won a National Championship title in SCCA / A Production that year. In 1968, Dick was Northern Pacific Division Champion, cementing the S/C in racing history. At Daytona, with Dick driving, the CSX3035 was officially clocked at 198 mph. This earned the title of fastest production car ever made, at the time.

Carroll had plenty of inventory, but not enough buyers for all of the Comp Cars, which were strictly designed for the track. Shelby American's Eastern Field Sales Rep, Charles Beidler, came up with the idea of putting some of the Comp cars on the street to get more attention. Thus, the 427 S/C or "semi-competition" or "street/competition" (depending on who you ask) was born.

The 427 S/C is essentially the same car as the Competition model with a few minor differences. Both were delivered with full windshields, soft tops, side curtains and tonneau covers. The S/C’s had mufflers while the Comp Cars did not. The most noticeable difference in the engine compartment was the thermostatically controlled cooling fans on the S/C. The competition Cobras had no cooling fans.

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