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1966 Shelby GT350H - Original Powertrain!

Listing No.: 50529

Model: 1966 Shelby GT350H

Price: $178,555

This is a rare, numbers matching, 1966 Shelby GT350H. If you’d like to know why that’s so rare, you can read about it below.*

This 1966 GT350H was restored about 8 years ago and is in excellent condition. It’s still equipped with the original engine, verified by the VIN stamped engine block, and the original C4 automatic transmission. Since it’s restoration it has been kept in a controlled environment and exercised regularly.

The exterior black paint and gold Le Mans stripes are in very good condition – no dents or dings. The bright trim is very good, showing only very minor pitting in places. Inside, the upholstery is in good shape, no rips or tears or seam separations and the headliner is in excellent condition. The instrument panel is clean and all the lights and gauges work.

Since the owner likes to drive the car, the undercarriage has a very light layer of undercoating to protect against rust. Date codes still appear in many of the body panels.

This ’66 Hertz GT350 isn't a trailer queen. It is a high quality weekend toy meant to be driven and enjoyed. It is solid mechanically and cosmetically, and everything works as expected, it needs nothing.

If you like the pictures, you will like the car. It is located in Georgia. Contact us to arrange a test drive!

*Why This 1966 Shelby GT350H Is So Rare

A year or two after adding the GT350H to the Hertz rental fleet, a senior Hertz executive called Carroll complaining that their GT350H models seemed to be performing poorly. They didn't have the power they once did and rental customers were complaining.

Carroll sent a team to Hertz to find out what was going on. After looking over the cars carefully, they found that the engines and transmissions had been replaced. Apparently, hot rodders were renting the GT350H's, taking them back to their home or shop, and swapping the 306 HP, "K" code, solid lifter powertrains for "C" code 200 HP engines and automatic transmissions. To hide their tracks, they would place the valve covers and Hi-Po air filters back on the "C" code engines and nobody was the wiser... at least until they drove them. It happened to quite a few of the original 999, 1966 GT350H production models, making finding a "numbers correct" GT350H a rarity.

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