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1967 Shelby GT500 - Street Legal, Track Ready

Listing No.: 50443

Model: 1967 Shelby GT500

Price: $97,650

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This 1967 Shelby GT500 is a purpose built road racer that is street legal and nice enough to be featured in a magazine. Drive to the track, race, and drive home, just like American Muscle cars owners in the 1960's!

This GT500’s original block was replaced by another FE block with Cobra Jet rods and crankshaft, ARP studs and bolts, Edelbrock aluminum heads, Harland Sharp roller rockers, Comp Cams camshaft, Iskendarian ('Isky") pushrods, and stock pistons. The engine is mated with a correct Toploader 4 speed with a Hurst shifter that sends power to the Detroit Locker differential via an aluminum drive shaft. The ’67 Shelby also includes a Canton 8 quart road race oil pan, McLeod aluminum flywheel, FuelSafe fuel cell, FPA Tri-Y headers, and more. Suspension upgrades include; Wilwood 4 wheel disc brakes, upper and lower control arms, springs, front sway bars and Total Control's strut rods and Koni shocks.

Vintage 16x8 wheels are shod with Hoosier race rubber and in the cock pit, you'll find all the required safety equipment, roll cage, seat belts and shoulder harnesses. Autometer gauges and a race seat are also installed.

If you're looking for a street beast that is also at home on the track, this 1967 Shelby GT 500 is perfect. To build it today, comparably equipped, you could easily spend over $200K. This Shelby is originally from Washington State but is now located in Massachusetts.

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